M&G Industries Inc.


Company History

An Industry Leader for 36 Years and Growing


In 1974, Martin “Marty” Rosenthal founded M & G Industries as an Indent Container Facilitating business for the Wire Rope Industry.  Marty branched out of Rhode Island in 1982 by acquiring (the former) Specialty Rope and Metal of Chicago.  This new entity gave M&G its first Wire Rope Sales and Distribution Center, servicing the Mid-West.  Then in 1986, he adopted this business model for the Eastern US, opening a warehouse in East Providence, RI.  M&G was now able to supply Wholesale Wire Rope Products to two-thirds of the North American Continent.

With Marty’s passing in 1994, his wife Joan Rosenthal took over the leadership of M&G.  Under Joan's direction, a new HQ Sales and Distribution Center was built in 1996, relocating to Bristol, RI a small town with a great shipbuilding history.  As an industry outsider prior to her new role as President and Owner, Joan's success was seen as a surprise by most but her resolve has never faltered. 

In 2001 and with the years quickly passing since she took the reigns of the company, Joan's son Brian York rejoined the M&G Family.  Brian’s return insures a smooth transition for the legacy of M&G, if and when Joan decides it’s time to finally relax at the beach. 

 Since coming home to M&G, Brian has focused on growth and capturing market share. He has successfully overseen the opening of our third division located outside Los Angeles, CA.  This final piece in the puzzle makes M&G a true National Wholesale Distributor of Wire Rope Products.

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